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What to Expect

The West Church is a place where anyone can meet Jesus, feel welcomed, and engage in life-giving community. We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts, and use them for God's glory.

We love meeting new people, and if you are new, we invite you to attend our Sunday service starting at 10:15 am at Etoile Academy (9745 Bissonnet St, Houston, Tx). If you have little ones, the West Kids offers a fun environment for children to learn about the Bible and be provided with a small snack.  After service, feel free to grab a donut and cup of coffee and meet with us at our Connect Table.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Mission

Why we do what what we do.
We  exists to transform the community with the love of God by making disciples for Christ Jesus.

Our Motives

The values that guide the actions of The West Church.

Christ Centeredness

We center our lives and worship around the person and work of Jesus Christ. Without Him, there is no us, and apart from him we can do nothing. (Colossians 1:15-29, Matthew 28:16, John 15:1-10)

Missional outreach

We Love our community and pursue its transformation by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ while meeting tangible needs in order to make disciples who experience and extend the love of God in both word and deed. (John 4:1-26)

Biblical Community

We were never meant to walk alone. We join our lives together as we seek to love and care for one another spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The community that the gospel creates is the rich soil in which we grow. (Acts 2:42-47, John 4:40-41, John 17:20-26)

Empowering Leaders

We believe every Christian is called by God to do the work of ministry and every leader is called to equip others for the work of ministry. Empowering leaders means we are growing in our own love and submission to Jesus Christ and leading others to do likewise. (Ephesians 4:11-12, Romans 12:3-8)

Cultural Diversity

We embrace the diversity of cultures in the kingdom of God and in our community. Our commitment to Christ is the foundation of our unity, and our commitment to the vibrant cultural diversity around us leads us to express our love for Jesus in a variety of ways. (Ephesians 2:11-22, Acts 2:7-11)

Kingdom Movement

We not only seek the transformation of our community but of others in our city and around the world through church planting, church renewal, and global missions. We can’t do this, alone nor were we designed to, a kingdom movement requires partnerships with like-minded churches and ministries to see on earth as it is in heaven become a reality. (Matthew 28:16-20, John 4:41-42, Acts 1:8)

Our Map

Our strategy  of making disciples.

In alief

We gather corporately in Alief for Christ centered worship.

With Alief

We gather in smaller groups to build  deep & authentic relationships.

For Alief

We serve the Alief community in both word and deed.

Our Marks

The set of attributes that we pray will be true of any individual whose everyday life is reflective of the mission of The West Church. 

A Life of worship

Gathering with God's people, obedience to God’s word, persisting in prayer, and a slowed down life with rhythms of silence & solitude.

a life of relationships

Applying healthy emotional practices to love well, investing in intentional discipleship relationships, bridging unbiblical cultural, racial, gender and economic barriers, and leading out of a healthy marriage & singleness.

a life of rest

Practicing Sabbath, self-care, and embracing God’s limits as a gift.

a life of generosity

Viewing all one has as a gift from above and thus sharing time, treasures, resources, and talents with others.

                                                                            A life on Mission

Telling others about Jesus, living a life of service, and embracing all work as full-time ministry.

Gospel Movement

We believe a movement of the gospel in our community, city, and world requires partnerships with like minded ministries whose desire is to see the kingdom of God expand and for God alone to get the credit. Below are some of the partners who have graciously chosen to walk the gospel road with us.

Grab a coffee

If you would like to get coffee with our lead pastor to learn more about The West Church, please let us know.

How To Contact Us

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