meet Tim luckey

Q&A with Tim
Where are you from/where do you live now? 

Alief native, born and raised in Houston, TX.

How did you come to know God?
I was raised in a Christian household with parents that taught me the importance of knowing God but I made a personal decision to trust His son Jesus as my Lord during my early twenties while seeking peace in my life. Soon after making a decision to genuinely follow the teachings of Jesus I developed a relationship with a healthy community of believers that helped me deepen my walk with the Lord.

In a nutshell, what's your role?
The purpose of my role is to build a bridge between The West Church, our partners, and the community so that spiritual and tangible needs are met within Alief. I seek to create authentic avenues that allow our church to love, serve, and preach the Gospel of Christ in hopes that spiritual needs are met in Alief. My job is to also help pair The West Church with programs and agencies that are setup with the sole purpose of meeting tangible needs within our community.

Describe The West Church in one sentence.
An authentic gospel community serving as a beacon of hope and light within our beloved community of Alief.

Share a little-known fact about yourself.
I do not know how to whistle.

Who does life with you?
My lovely wife, Roshanda Luckey, my beloved parents, two sisters, and two nephews. I'm also closely tied to a host of brothers in Christ who help keep me afloat.