What Is The Significance of Ash Wednesday and Lent?

What exactly is Lent? 

Lent is forty days of fasting and repentance on the Christian calendar, beginning on Ash Wednesday and leading up to Easter Sunday. In the Bible, the number forty represents a period of trial, testing, and preparation. Traditionally, Sundays are considered feast days and are not included in the forty days of fasting.
Fasting reminds us that discipleship, following Jesus, always looks like carrying a cross. We reject our selfish desires by saying “No.” It is like fighting and conquering the sin that continues to plague us.

This time of self-examination, repentance, and penitence may sound grim and glum, but Lent is not a forty-day pity party hosted in a heap of ash. Lent is a darkened path winding its way toward the rising sun. For Christians, self-accusation is the road to restoration. Lent trains us to be people of patience and restraint who rejoice in the meantime. To observe Lent rightly, Christians must be persuaded to stand in favor of a God who exalts those who humble themselves. In Christ, we can mourn the deepest darkness knowing that the light of God has come.
Join us as we journey through our 40-day devotional for the season of Lent. Our theme is “Fresh Starts and New Beginnings”. The main idea is that the resurrection of Jesus Christ reminds us that no matter how dark our past has been if we are in him, each day is an opportunity for Fresh Starts and New Beginnings. Our daily devotional consists of Scripture readings, prayers, and questions for reflection. If you only have 10 minutes to spare, not a problem! If you want to ponder the lessons for hours, go for it! Our ultimate aim is to reflect meaningfully upon the death and resurrection of Christ and our union with Him while pursuing holiness.

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March 2 | Written by Pastor Ayo Omopariola

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